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June 8th & 9th, 2024

Rosemont, IL – Crowne
Plaza Chicago O’Hare

Fast-track your fitness business.

Join 1,000+ gym owners and coaches for the fitness industry’s biggest business event.

Why is the Two-Brain Summit the fitness industry’s fastest growing business conference?

Because it’s not about pump-up speeches… It’s about action.

We created The Summit to give fitness entrepreneurs real, tactical coaching they can immediately put into practice.

You won’t just sit and listen to speakers…

You’ll be guided through business exercises giving you concrete game plans you can start executing on the second you get home. If you’re looking to build a world-cass business, the Summit is for you.

Who’s hosting?

Two-Brain Business is the world’s largest mentorship practice for gym owners. With thousands of clients worldwide, Two-Brain has taken hundreds of gym owners from barely making rent to living their “perfect day.”

At Two-Brain, we live and breathe the philosophy of “help first.” We teach gym owners how to create generational wealth by staying true to one simple concept: actually improving the health and well-being of their clients. Help first, wealth will follow.

Meet and mingle with some of the gym world’s top minds!

Entrepreneurship can be lonely, especially when you don’t settle for average.

The Summit is a place to connect with ambitious spirits from around the fitness industry—-people committed to building world-class businesses while driving impact in their communities.

Plus so many activities…

NCFit will be here to guide brave souls through morning workouts with the latest and greatest equipment from Rogue. And, you’ll enjoy 2 days in The Village of Rosemont, offering everything from shopping to indoor sky diving.

Let’s level-up your fitness career.


This year's speakers

Jonathan Goodman speaker at Summit 2024

Jonathan Goodman

Jason Khalipa speaker at Summit 2024

Jason Khalipa

Carrie Wilkerson speaker at Summit 2024

Carrie Wilkerson

Brian Chontosh speaker at Summit 2024

Brian Chontosh "Tosh"

Bill Parisi speaker at Summit 2024

Bill Parisi

Ben Bergeron speaker at Summit 2024

Ben Bergeron

Two-Brain Summit 2024 Schedule

Two-Brain Summit 2024 Schedule
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Two-Brain founder Chris Cooper

Let me start by saying this about The Summit: we lose about $100,000 on it every year. So why host the event? Simple. The Summit is our gift to gym owners.

Back in 2008, when I was training clients 14 hours a day and still losing money, something like the Summit could’ve changed my life. I want to give gym owners a chance to form bonds with a network that will support them for decades to come… and it’s a helluva lot of fun.

Let’s level-up your fitness career.